Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

Say goodbye to boring bathrooms

A bathroom is an integral part of a house. Every household needs a smoothly running bathroom to carry out daily activities efficiently. You may have to renovate your bathroom from time to time. Although it seems trivial, bathroom renovations are one of the most complex tasks to undertake. Hence, when you go for bathroom renovations, make sure you get it done by experts. If you are looking for experts in bathroom renovations Melbourne, you have come to the right place.

ABS bathroom renovations Melbourne has over twenty years of experience in renovating bathrooms across Melbourne households. With over two decades of on-the-job experience and expertise, we change your bathrooms into inspiring spaces. We know how to turn even a small bathroom with limited space into the most functional one.

How we do it?

A bathroom renovation calls for detailed planning. We formulate a comprehensive plan after consulting with you. We understand your specific needs and work a solution around it. All our plans are based on what you need for each of your bathrooms. There is no ‘universal’ solution when you choose us.

Before we go ahead, we will have to find answers to certain questions like:

•    Will your bathroom be an en suite or a self-contained space?

•    Will you be restructuring the space? For example, installing a sunken bath would need altering the floor, removing or adding internal walls and so on.

•    Do you need laundry facilities? Then, you may need additional electrical and plumbing outlets

•    What materials should be used? Will the existing materials suffice or should we go for another one such as concrete, wood, tiles or plasterboard?

bathroom renovation

Why us?

When you choose us for your bathroom renovations, you don’t have to hire different experts for different jobs.

Comprehensive solutions: Our professionals can perform designing, plumbing, electrification, waterproofing, tiling, carpentry, painting, and all such tasks. It means you get every service under one roof. There is no need to run around looking for specialists and schedule your time to suit them. Entrust your bathroom to us and see the transformation happening in front of your eyes.

Professionalism: We are fully licensed to do all tasks related to bathroom renovations in Melbourne. Practical solutions and functional designs set us apart from others.

Experience: There is no shortcut to experience. We bring the expertise of over twenty years to the job. We've been there, done it all. Few service providers can match us in our experience.

Quality: When it comes to quality, we believe in nothing less than 100%. We don’t compromise on the quality of the materials or our work. We offer you the best solution your money can get.

Affordable: Just because we offer high-quality service and professionalism, our rates aren’t too high. The exceptional quality of our services makes it worth every dollar you spend.

If you need more information before making a decision, call us on 0450 666 999 to talk to an expert. Alternatively, you can click here to schedule a meeting for a free estimate.