There are many different reasons why you would want to move or extend your house. This includes a lack of space, wanting a change of style, or wanting to spruce up your place of living. The real deciding point is whether you extend your house, or just buy a new one, and this article is to show that extending your house is better if it is possible.

If you are living in a small flat with no garden space, unfortunately, it is much harder to extend your house at all, maybe another storey on top, but that is pricey and may not be possible, whereas if you have a large property, you can easily extend your house in most directions, allowing a lot of freedom when it comes to house extensions.

Reasons to extend over buying:

  1. Location; You could be living in a great area that you don’t want to leave from, whether it be the convenience of things around it, the price of that area itself, such as a main city that is expensive to get a new property in, or you may have friends and family nearby that you want to stay close to. Either way, extending your home is highly recommended, especially if you have quite a bit of space in your garden to take up.
  2. Making your own style; If you decide to extend your home instead of buy a new one, it frees up the option of choosing what you want your own home to have. The only downside to this is if you wanted to sell in the future, people might not want to buy certain aspects of your extension so complete freedom is limited.
  3. Cost; The cost of an extension to your house is varied depending on where you live, how complicated some unavoidable matters are such as drainage, and what you decide to build. Extending your house to a great degree is often extremely expensive, but can upgrade the value of your home so it is worth it for when you eventually sell.
  4. Change of pace; Extending your home can provide a great change of pace much like when you buy a new house for when you are just hanging around your home. Depending on how much you extend/change, it can drastically alter the feel of the home so it can feel brand new.
  5. Difficulty; Although extending your home is difficult, even though other people can do it for you, it doesn’t require you to move everything you own into a new house in a quick fashion, which makes it a generally more relaxed experience compared to completely moving houses. Not only that, you don’t have to get a large home loan so you don’t have as much stress from the banks.

In conclusion, we highly recommend extending your home instead of buying a new one due to the reasons above and more. If you contact us, we will provide any additional information that you need or want and we can do the job for you just right.

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