Landscaping Melbourne

Professional Landscaping Services in Melbourne

It is not easy to maintain a fantastic garden without expert help. It requires specialised knowledge and expertise. Any stretch of land can turn into a beautiful piece of art in the hands of an expert landscaper. If you wish to turn your home and garden into an inspiring place, we can help you.

ABS Landscaping Melbourne is a professional landscaping expert in Melbourne. With over twenty years of experience in landscaping, we bring the best of the industry to you. Our expertise in all avenues of landscaping can transform your surroundings into a magical world. When we are through, you will find the landscaped area a perfect place to unwind and relax.

Our services

Our garden services for Landscaping Melbourne cover a wide arena of services such as:

• Regular maintenance

• Garden tidy ups for special occasions

• Hedging & pruning

• Weeding

• Pest treatment

• Planting

• Mulching

• Lawn mowing & edging

Whether you need landscaping for a balcony garden, suburban garden or a sprawling country estate, we have the perfect solutions. Our landscaping designs are tailor-made to suit your specific requirements. There is no single ‘fit all’ solution when you work with us. Once we finish our work, you’ll find the landscaped area in proper harmony with the character of your house.

Providing assistance with our services is something that we love to do. For more information, contact us and we will happily provide you with it.


Why choose us?

We hate to be boastful; but we believe that in landscaping Melbourne, we are matchless. Our specialties include:


Our professionalism keeps us apart from the others. We carry out every project with the same dedication and attention to detail. No project is too big or small for us. We carry out all landscaping projects, as we would do it at our own homes.


There is no substitute for experience and expertise attained on the job. We have undertaken several landscaping projects across Melbourne for over twenty years now. The experience and knowledge gained are unmatched.

Guaranteed quality

We believe in doing things in the best possible manner. You won’t find us compromising on quality. Our services and raw materials are of high quality. We have tied up with prominent suppliers across the nation to give you the best choice available.

Local presence

We are local to Melbourne. Hence, we can reach you faster when you need us. Alternatively, it is easier for you to visit our premises as well.


In spite of our high-quality services, our charges are affordable. We don’t make you pay through your nose for our services. You will get luxury landscaping services for economical pricing.

Comprehensive service

Whatever your needs, we have the perfect solution. Apart from the paving and landscaping services, we also offer other services such as garden maintenance and decking among others.

Get in touch

To know more about our services call us on 0450 666 999. Click here if you wish to fix a consultation meeting. We will give you a no-obligation free quote. We can also provide an on-site quote at no cost to you. To find out more, get in touch now.