Pergolas & Carports Melbourne

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Looking to add a touch of style and added functionality around your home? Whether it is the classy airiness of a pergola or the smart utility of a carport or both, you need an expert for the job.

About us

ABS Pergolas and Carports bring 20 years of proven experience in designing, fabricating and installing pergolas and carports in Melbourne neighbourhoods. You could either pick from our vast and unique designs to have one suit your home or have an expert evaluate your property and give a customised solution.

A pergola for your home

Now, we know just what a nice touch a stylish pergola Melbourne can be. They can be anything from being an architectural statement to a nice place to lounge or even entertain guests. Based on the exterior of your home and the surroundings, our pergolas make sure it complements the rest perfectly. We understand that a house is built to last. So are our pergolas Melbourne.

We ensure the best material – aluminium, wood and any other that you prefer or that suits – goes into building them. The sheeting takes care of the risks posed by inclement weather conditions and passage of time. Our pergolas are resistant to rust, fire and water hazards. Built to last is what we, at ABS Pergolas and Carports, want them to be… just like your home.

A carport for your car

Why should your car have to stand in the open or a dingy garage when the most modern and durable parking solutions can be around? A well-built carport Melbourne does not have to look boring or be an expensive structure. We specialise in a wide range you can choose from – whether it is design or materials used. These can add style to not just your car but also blend in well with the overall architecture of your home.

No more having to risk your car to the elements by parking it outside. Choose from our existing designs or have one built specially for your home and vehicle. Whether it is a regular single type or a multiple vehicle solution, a retractable one or a cantilever, built with wood or aluminium, take your pick. At ABS Pergolas and Carports, we have a solution for all requirements.

If you wish to take advantage of our incredible services in Melbourne, you should contact us and we will get the job done properly.


Why choose us?

As people who love and understand pergolas and carports, we bring to your longstanding experience and our track record to get them to your home too. Give us a call and we can visit you to size up your requirement and suggest a solution.

Competitive Team

Our team of licensed experts at ABS Pergolas and Carports include designers and fabricators, armed with the requisite qualifications, who work with your specific property and its nuances in mind. We also take care of all regulatory requirements like getting council approvals well ahead of time.

Besides ensuring you have the design that blends seamlessly with your home, the range of ABS Pergolas and Carports also comes with durability and ease of maintenance. And we know you also are looking for value for your money which we can assure you on.

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Give us a call on 0450 666 999 and open up to a new world of pergolas and carports.